All my life I have lived based on what other people have said to me, did to me, took from me and expected of me. It took me down a long road of darkness and insecurities. A road traveled by many but understood by few. The path of darkness was a destructive one, that not only stole my hopes and dreams, but tried to steal my life itself.  No matter how much light My little lightfought to find its way to me, I continued to shut it out, for darkness was my comfort zone, for it was all I knew; and the light hurt my eyes. It was only when I birthed the light that I was forced to shift my views, allowing me to open my eyes and fight through the pain. That little light of mine, I had to let it shine, and as I watched her grow into a beautiful spectrum . As she grows so do I, we learn together, we fall together , we love together unconditionally. She is my proof that we always get what we need exactly when we need it, not a second sooner and not a second later.

This blog is my way of sharing myself, expressing myself and just being true to myself the only way I know how – through words – writing has been my saving grace and I have always kept it to myself, but now I’m able to share myself with the world. If I can be nothing else but myself by the time I die then I will have been enough.

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!


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